October 3rd 

The Southern Branch of the IMF in conjunction with The Welding Institute is holding a seminar entitled ‘A Night with Ali’

There will be 4 seminars:
            Industrial Gases for the Aluminium Industry
            Aluminium Welding
            Aluminium, its alloys & the Growth of Aluminium Products in the UK
            The Electroplating of Aluminium

There will be a buffet before the seminars and the charge is £10 per person to cover this.

If you are interested, please contact John Burgess at  JohnB_IMF@btinternet.com in order to reserve a place.


Webinar: 9 October - The Hull Cell, How to use it and Interpreting the Results 
Webinar: 7 November - A webinar to be presented by Serfilco subject to be announced 
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