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REACH Directives

ECHA publishes first Candidate List substances for consultation.

ECHA have opened a consultation on the first 16 substances that could become the first candidates for authorisation. Interested parties now have until 14 August to respond to ECHA with comments on exposures, alternative substances and risks posed by the substances on the list. Full details of the consultation can be found at: The substance are:

Substance name CAS number EC number
Anthracene 120-12-7 204-371-1
4,4'- Diaminodiphenylmethane 101-77-9 202-974-4
Dibutyl phthalate 84-74-2 201-557-4
Cyclododecane 294-62-2 206-33-9
Cobalt dichloride 7546-79-9 231-589-4
Diarsenic pentaoxide 1303-28-2 215-116-9
Diarsenic trioxide 1327-53-3 215-481-4
Sodium dichromate, dihydrate 7789-12-0
5-tert-butyl-2,4,6-trinitro-m-xylene (musk xylene) 81-15-2 201-329-4
Bis (2-ethyl(hexyl)phthalate) (DEHP) 117-81-7 204-211-0
Hexabromocyclododecane (HBCDD) 25637-99-4 247-148-4
Alkanes, C10-13, chloro (Short Chain Chlorinated Paraffins) 85535-84-8 287-476-5
Bis(tributyltin)oxide 56-35-9 200-268-0
Lead hydrogen arsenate 7784-40-9 232-064-2
Triethyl arsenate 15606-95-8 427-700-2
Benzyl butyl phthalate 85-68-7 201-622-7

New documents added to REACHReady website

REACHReady have been receiving several enquiries from subscribers asking for our advise in how to respond to the increasing number of queries your are receiving from your customers. To help deal with these questions REACHReady have published a a one page "Coping with you customer's information requests - what does REACH demand" which comes as a welcome addition to our REACH the Basics guidance can be accessed from

Our Silver and Gold subscribers can download our REACH -the basics information in pdf form from the Technical Downloads section of our website. Gold subscribers will also see updated additions to the Technical download section including ECHA's revised Q& A published last month and a link the Guidance on Information Requirements and CSA on ECHA's website.

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1) ECHA have issued an interim list of substances that have pre-registered. You can get the latest copy at you can also put in the CAS of the substance you are interested in, and it will tell you its status.

2) the ECHA registry of intentions lists the substances that are currently having Annex XV dossiers prepared for them, by the EU. The ones with 'SVHC' next to them, are destined for the Candidate list.

Aside from the 15 that made it to the candidate list, the next tranche to be considered for inclusion by member states will be:

  • residues (coal tar), pitch distn. EC 295-507-9
  • Distillates (coal tar), heavy oils EC 292-607-4
  • Distillates (coal tar), heavy oils, pyrene fraction EC 295-304-5
  • Distillates (coal tar), pitch, pyrene fraction EC 295-313-4
  • coal tar pitch, high temperature EC 266-028-2
  • tris(2-chloroethyl)phosphate CAS 115-96-8
  • Arsenic and its salts index number 033-005-001
The consideration of 'arsenic and its salts' as a family is a hotly debated issue for the Competent Authorities, the EC and ECHA. They shied away from considering chemicals as a family for sodium dichromate and cobalt dichloride, because of the colossal workload that it will place on ECHA. IF this goes through to the candidate list as stated, it will open the floodgates to all the families of similar substances of very high concern - and it will not bode well for hex chrome continued use.
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