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REACH Seminars

Complying with chemical regulations: REACH information event

on Tuesday 3 March at The Pavilion, Nightingale Hall, Rolls-Royce Leisure Association, Derby

What the new EU REACH Regulation means for your business

The REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals) regulation entered into force throughout the European Union on 1 June 2007, with phased implementation from 2007 until 2018.

This regulation is already having an effect on all chemicals, (including such diverse things as alloys, paints and powders) used across the Aviation Industry in the EU, including those that are bought outside the EU throughout the global supply chain.

The first step of the regulation - pre-registration - has now closed, but some companies were unaware of their obligations, and now are finding themselves to be non-compliant with the law - and others are finding that their suppliers did not fulfil their obligations, and have a risk of supply continuity. If this is your situation - this workshop is for you.

As a consequence of REACH, some essential chemicals may become restricted and even removed from the market. The first of these are some phthalates that are in many plastics and adhesives, as well as sodium dichromate and cobalt dichloride, and a few flame retardants. Are you affected by the first of these substances to be earmarked to be phased out? This workshop will help you find out.

The regulation will also affect certain hazardous chemicals (including alloying constituents) within products. Customers and the EU REACH Agency will need to be informed of the presence of some substances within each product and spare part. This information will have to be supplied for products made outside the EU and imported as well as the products made within the EU. This requirement is already here. There are 15 substances which may be in electrical equipment, non metallic parts or in surface coatings that you may have in your products, that you may be required to declare to customers. Do you know if these chemicals are in your products? This workshop will suggest some ways to manage this issue.

The Midlands Aerospace Alliance together with major aerospace product manufacturers recognise the impact that this regulation will have on all companies, both large and small and are holding a workshop on Tuesday 3 March to help your company work through the legislation.

Speakers include:

Carl Munkley, Director of HSE for GE Aviation in Europe
Cathy Phillips, HSE Materials Manager, Rolls-Royce Group
Tony Harmsworth, European Director of HSE for Goodrich International
Kerrill Grealy, Meggitt International

This workshop is part of a series of workshops on REACH and were created with the active participation of Airbus, Goodrich, GE, Lockheed, Meggitt and Rolls-Royce for the benefit of MAA members, and represent the shared knowledge of these organisations.

The SBAC REACH working group and Aerospace and Defence Trade Association of Europe feel that the information provided in this workshop is essential to help you manage your business risks.

To view the detailed programme for this all day event, and to reserve your place(s) please log onto our website.


A key milestone of REACH, pre-registration, starts from 1st June 2008. This briefing will help people to understand how to sign up to the REACH–IT systems and how to pre-register on-line. UK Enforcement arrangements

REACH requires the establishment of national enforcement arrangements. This briefing will also inform on the developing enforcement arrangements for the UK

Who should attend?
Any company who manufactures in or imports into the EU chemical substances (either on their own, in preparations, or intentionally released from articles) at quantities of 1 tonne or more per year and is intending to pre-register.

What will it cover?
o How to sign up
o How to Pre-Register on-line
• Enforcement of REACH in the UK

Seagoe Hotel
Thursday 25th September 2008

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REACH Workshop

Friday 4 July 2008

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